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Many people ask, “Why should I have a Living Trust?”  As you will see, there are several reasons why a Living Trust may be essential to estate planning.  A Living Trust eliminates the need for your heirs or surviving spouse to be subjected to the agony and unnecessary cost of probate; a Living Trust provides the entity to ensure that you either pay no estate and inheritance taxes or at least minimize those onerous taxes.  In addition, a Living Trust establishes the means to provide for your needs in the event that you become incompetent; it provides the entity for the support and education of your minor children; it creates the vehicle to indirectly care for a handicapped child without jeopardizing his or her government benefits; and a Living Trust assures what all people want-privacy of their financial affairs.

You may think your heirs have been well provided for, but did you know that:

  • Your loved ones may have to wait more than two years before receiving a penny from you estate-even though you have left a legally valid will?
  • Costs of probating your will may eat up more than 10 percent of your estate-money your heirs will never receive?
  • The specific instructions of your bequest may be contested or changed completely-even though clearly spelled out in your will?
  • A will cannot help you in life.  If you become incapacitated or your judgment comes into question, it becomes a matter for the courts to decide and is a very public process.

A Living Trust is a simple, relatively inexpensive legal alternative that eliminates the costs and delays of probate and ensures that your loved ones will receive their inheritance promptly and exactly as you intended.

If I Decide A Living Trust May Be Right For Me, How Should I Go About Setting One Up?

If you decide that the use of a “living trust” may be right for you, it would be wise to consult with a qualified *Independent Estate Advisor who is knowledgeable in probate, estate planning and tax matters.  After obtaining information from you concerning the nature, title and value of your assets and liabilities, and following discussions with you concerning your goals for the use of your property during lifetime and following death, your qualified *Independent Estate Advisor will be able to advise you in advance of the costs following the consultation, provide you with an estimate of attorney fees and other expenses involved with the drafting and implementation of a “living trust.”  The drafting of a “living trust”, like most other legal documents, requires professional judgment if the best results are to be assured.


MML Financial & Insurance Services  and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services.  Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.


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*Independent advisor of "The Estate Planning Source", an estate preservation company dedicated to providing you with the finest living trust documents available.  MML Financial & Insurance Services and The Estate Planning Source are seperate and unrelated companies.  Document Preperation Office: 5301 Longley Lane, Suite D-150, Reno, NV  89511 Tel: (800) 292-0223